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Harry and the Kidnappers:

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The pond is drying up!

Strange things are happening in Pondville and the surrounding towns. Youngsters are missing, residents are afraid, and the pond is losing water. Sheriff Harry and the deputy sheriffs are pulling together to solve the mysteries. Meanwhile, Professor Ludwig is busy developing new gadgets to help with the investigation, and the eagle squadrons are called in to assist in searching for the kidnappers … while spies are watching and plotting to take Ludwig hostage. Danger, thrills, and ingenious gadgets are at play. Will good triumph over evil? How will Harry deal with the nasty, wily criminals—if he finds them?

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Harry Saves Wreck

Book 3 Available now in paperback, hardcover and e-book

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Wreck is falling apart!

Pondville’s beloved sheriff’s car is on his last wheels. Sheriff Harry and his friends are dedicated to restoring Wreck to health and his former glory. Meanwhile, Professor Ludwig has made a discovery and is working in secret to learn what his amazing find can do. Can this discovery benefit Pondville? Is there anything it can do to help Wreck get better? Follow along as Bernie, Charlie, Harry, and Ludwig work together to save Wreck. This heartwarming tale has all you have come to expect. Mystery, ingenuity, friendship, and some very funny moments await the reader!


“Dr. Robert A. Ernst’s middle grade novel, Harry Saves Wreck, is a fun read. Creating characters that are really nature’s creatures who live around a pond, the author has developed a series of stories based on what he calls Pondville. There’s Harry, Sally, and Charlie who are frogs, Bart who’s a bear, Kim the deer, Bernie the goose, and others, too. Each character is well developed with its own unique characteristics, but the special thing that ties the characters together in this story is their friendship, their ability to work together, and the way they care for each other and the environment. Wreck, the sheriff’s old car, might be a good fit for the wrecking yard, but the team players come up with a plan and the means to make the car new (or almost new) again – reusing and recycling at its best instead of discarding in the dump. The plot follows this plan to help Wreck as the team encounters multiple adventures along the way – it is, after all, a cop story to the core. There are delightful drawings to help move the story forward and the dialogue is carefree and whimsical, often with a touch of humor. This is a great read for middle-grade readers.”

“Harry Saves Wreck:” A Charming Tale of Amphibious Friends
“Perfect for middle-grade readers and anyone who enjoys a good story about friendship, this novel exhibits the importance of benefiting one’s community through the collaboration between its characters. Instead of keeping his discovery to himself, Ludwig works alongside his friends in the hopes of saving their new favorite car.”
– Nicole Maher

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FAPA president's award - gold medalist for children's book, grades 4-6.
Purple Dragon - winner for Children's Chapter Book

Harry and the Hooligans

Book 2 Available now in paperback, hardcover and e-book

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Pondville General Store is being robbed!

Harry is the new sheriff in town and his first challenge is to catch the thieves. He can’t do it alone, so he forms a posse of wonderful, oddball characters who engage in humorous, wild antics in an attempt to nab the perpetrators. What will become of the hooligans once they realize crime does not pay and neither does rude, cheeky behavior? Excitement, lessons, and laughter await

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“Reading Harry and the Hooligans by Dr. Robert A. Ernst is like immersing yourself in chaos and comedy in a world of animal personifications. It all takes place in Pondville, a pond community based upon the author’s home in Nova Scotia and inspired by a child’s question, “Why?” Harry is a frog and the newly appointed sheriff who gets into trouble immediately by testing his badly outdated office vehicles and needs to be rescued by a pair of helicopter cranes. The entire community is made up of animals: turtles, frogs, bears, deer, bloodhounds and bulldogs, geese, skunks, crows, sheep, raccoons, to name a few. There is also a map of the community all around the pond. The chaos starts when the hooligans decide to rob the local food market.

And the message, or lessons, centering around petty crime, court proceedings, prison life, rehabilitation – with judges, attorneys, and mentoring programs – seem more suitable for the later grades. But, whatever the [age] level, readers will chuckle and laugh aloud as I did throughout at the hooligans’ shenanigans, the wacky characters, and incredible drawings. All this, along with Dr. Robert A. Ernst’s discussion guide, provides endless opportunities for fun and teaching.”

Jon Michael Miller
5 star Review

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Hurry-Up Harry

Book 1 Available now in paperback, hardcover and e-book

Pondville’s animal friends are preparing for Derby Day.

The diverse sportsmen are getting their go-carts ready to compete in the race. Ludwig the turtle and frogs Charlie and Harry are prepared. Rolf the wolf and Stinky the skunk have daring tricks up their sleeves. Will good deeds triumph over bad? Who will win the trophy? Action, adventure, and suspense await in this fun and imaginative illustrated children’s chapter book filled with humor and excitement!

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